Closet Cleanse

A closet assessment is completed to see what your closet may be lacking and
what you can eliminate to make room for new items. We will bring a fresh 
eye to your existing collection and show new ways to mix and match and
create lovely new outfits as well as clear out space for new pieces.

Personal Shopping

Whether you want your stylist to shop for you or you want to accompany
them, the shopping service provides you with the items you w ill need 
to make your wardrobe wonderful without any of the fuss of shopping 
alone. We handle the logistics and help you embrace and encourage your 

Style Manual

Once we have either cleansed or shopped or both, we will develop a style
manual so you never have to stress about creating an outfit again. This will
be a guide to your own closet and outfit options and ideas will fill the manual.

Red Carpet Ready

Every Guy and Gal has a special occasion or event that pops up that they just
may not know the appropriate attire for, do not have a clue what they want 
to wear, or maybe just do not have the time to assemble an ensemble. We can 
put together the missing pieces to help the client make the most of whatever 
the event calls for.

Closet Organization

Does your closet need an overhaul in the organization department? We
have the answer with our expert organizer available to recreate a more 
“shoppable” and functional wardrobe.

Payment must be received before services are rendered. Cancellation fee applied within 24 hours of appointments.


To better gauge where we’ll be heading on the style journey, a style consultation is
a must. You and your stylist will meet and decide where your needs lie and what 
services we can provide you with. We want to get to know you and your style!

Styling Services